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Welcome to Track Car Aero

Just a little background about me and how this all started. I bought my first track a few years ago (Clio 172) and started with door cards (Track Car Coor Cards). I then wanted to create some Aero products for my Clio and then this is how is all started.


I am real a motorsport enthusiast that made some nice door cards and aero parts for myslef and I wanted to expand to help others so they do not have to learn the hard way, do all the research into the parts etc. 

So I have decided to make more Aero Products for other cars and I have personally designed, made and fitted all my products to physical cars myself during testing and development.

🏎️🏁 Tested at knockhill @mi_motorsport , Donnington @eddie55599 , Mallory Park @michaelhume85 , Thruxton @solentmx5 others and more to come…..

🏎🏁 proven performance and handling benefits (tested around knock hill with @mi_motorsport Clio mk3 racing car) with in car video.

🏎️🏁 Rear is more planted under braking

🏎️🏁 Stops that twitchy rear end

🏎️🏁 Many racing car customer testimonials

🏎🏁 many happy customers 😀

🏎🏁 real carbon or fibre glass blades to choose from

🏎🏁 very light <2kg for the complete assembly

🏎🏁 simple and easy to install

🏎🏁 simple and easy to adjust the spoiler angle

🏎🏁 No holes through the exterior side of you boot lid, all mounts on the underside of your boot lid

🏎🏁 can be easily removed

🏎🏁 step by step installation instructions included photos to help 👌🏻

Remember we have fitted and tested every spoiler on an actual boot or car before release 😎

All part of the #trackcaraero service 💪😎 

Many Thanks for looking


Track Car Aero LTD.