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PRE-ORDER - Professional Awesome Titanium Skid Block – Individual


These are sold individually! Buy 1 if you want 1, 2 if you want 2, etc…

Welcome to flavor country! Our titanium skid blocks, aka “biscuits,” are designed to keep your splitters alive and and your airflow stable. Mount these under your splitter to keep your precious aerodynamic parts from being damaged during contact with the track surface. An additional side benefit is our blocks can help keep air flowing properly under your splitter for consistent aero balance.

We choose to go with titanium, over aluminum or steel, as titanium’s hardness stays much more consistent at the higher temperatures it will see when it gets slammed into the ground. This allows the blocks to last much longer, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing away during an event. Additionally… SPARKS!

Our larger, 3.25″ long, by 1″ wide and .50″ thick titanium skid blocks, have been CNC machined from Ti-6Al-4V, CFD tested to have minimal impact on airflow downstream, and have the same hole spacing as our smaller skid blocks. The mounting holes are M6 x 1.0 threaded and have 3/4″ spacing.

These are sold individually!

We recommend using Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant when installing. Which we sell here!