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Mini R53 Wing

£284.99 - £384.99

The Mini R53 - Track Car Aero Wing is know available

1) It can fit over the original Mini Cooper S spoiler so no need to change your boot.
2) It can be mounted in various positions on the side of the boot lid depending on your style (even above the roof line) or whether you need to be compliant with motorsport regulations (level with the roof line)
3) It comes as standard with a slot which makes it adjustable to various angles.
4) It is available with a real carbon fibre or fibre glass blade
5) it is fixed with 2 rivnuts each side

This side plates will be black powder coated

Kit is the following

1 x Carbon Fibre blade or Fibre Glass Blade
2 x Black powder coated side plates
1 x fitted kit for the boot attachment
1 x fitted kit for the blade