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Clio mk3 - Road Spoiler Version (Carbon or Fibre Glass Blade)

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Track Car Aero presents the Clio mk3 - ROAD VERSION WITH FIXED BLADE POSITION AND SMALLER SIDE PLATES (available in carbon or fibre reinforced plastic (FRP))

This design incorporates an adjustable rear spoiler with one of the mounting points being on a slot. The side plates are bolted directly into the boot lid so you need to drill holes in your boot lid and use rivnuts, but these give a very neat finish and look like OEM holes.

This side plates will be black powder coated

Kit is the following

1 x Carbon Fibre blade or Fibre Glass Blade (usually in grey primer)
2 x Black powder coated side plates
1 x fitted kit for the boot attachment
1 x fitted kit for the blade
2 x support brackets for the side plates and fitting kit